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Instagram Update by Youngjae




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Super Junior Talk

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deciphering the hints of MAMACITA by Shindong | 140827

@ShinsFriends:I will start giving out answers for the hints!!^^ those curious, pay attention ^^ first, for those who have not yet understood, hints are divided in rounds 1,2,3,4 right?? I divided the refrain lyrics into 4 lines and gave those out as round 1,2,3,4 hints~ now let`s start with round 1, syoong~

@ShinsFriends:first, round 1

1.OOOOO – ayayaya
2.picture hint- kyuhyun’s ad for masita (short for mamacita)
3.131.010 94.17-Nonhyun-dong (postal code 131-010) 94-17 street mamacita restaurant

@ShinsFriends:Round 1


I took out the consonants from Hey Mamacita I, Ayayaya and wrote it out ^^

@ShinsFriends:Round 2 Answers

1.Do Cupin- Jan(cup) In(in) HanDa(do), JanInHaDa (Cruel)
2.Servant’s cup – GaeHaInJan (flipped version of JanInHaGae- cruelly) in translation machine ^^
3.SnowRain Lyrics-Truth -SnowRain OST, 4th track -(minus)truth= shatter/crushed.
Do you understand??

@ShinsFriends:Round 2

4.S512K – SuJu 5jib Track 12 My Love, My Kiss, My Heart lyrics Kyuhyun part “memories like pieces of shattered~~”`s “shattered”
5.Dream1Hint – Dream 1hint(first hint I gave OOOOO(Ayayaya))

@ShinsFriends: Round 3

1. Something collapsed – Just give it
2. Goo yeon jung shin hye jung gil lim shin moon choi kang lim choi ha na kim hyo jung yoo hye ja – If you go on Kyobo Bookstore site and search “departed”, these are the names&author&publisher of books.

@ShinsFriends: Round 3

3. Reading the hint, the duck cushion, diastase, higher form of “me” – Reading the hint (What are you using to read the hint?? What is it?? It’s your “eye”!!!) Duck cushion (What does duck sit on?? “Water”) Diastase(In “Ma” there is diastase component) Higher, more polite form to say “me” (It should be “Me” right??)

@ShinsFriends:Round 3

4. Ga na ra ma ba sa ah ja cha ka ta pa ha hehe~ eu he eu he eu hoho~ – This is just the alphabet without “da”, so the right answer is “da”
5. If you pretend there is no sequence and go on to round 4 i said that the hint is “barren” right??

@ShinsFriends:Round 4

1. The Heirs – There’s a famous line right “Those who wears the crown must bear its weight” but after this Eunhyuk uploaded the crown but I said it wasn’t the crown right? Because the precise answer is “those who have an important title feels its weight” ^^ and after that “you can’t do that”

@ShinsFriends:So the answer to the hints form the lyrics!!!

Hey Mamacita I’m Ayayayaya
Dream that was cruelly shattered Ayayaya
Something collapsed and left, to the extent that my tears has all dried up
Those who has the important title will feel the weight, you can do th~~at~~ rong~ byoong!! And the lesson ends!!

@ShinsFriends:#Comeback what is this?? #Redline what is this?? You believe it as the lines that members will move as?? ㅋㅋㅋCutring edge!! Super Junior!! You are anticipating the comeback more right??…ㅋㅋ #So what is it?? ㅋㅋ ㅎㅎ I’m trembling~ ㅠㅠ# Hey! #Ayayayaya~ #SJ7#SuperShow6

@ShinsFriends:What about showing you this.. #SJ7#Comeback are you looking forward to our performance more?? ㅋㅋ Ayayayaya~~^^ Mamacita!!!^^ | transed by:@13elieveSG

@ShinsFriends:#SJ #SuperJunior %MAMACITA(AYAYA) #MVTeaser2 Hey! Mamacita I, ayayayaya! Piyoong~ uh?? then answers to my hints for round 1,2,3,4 are all revealed? kkk did you notice it already? no? kk

MAMACITA Teaser Lyrics / Shindong’s hints:


잔인하게 깨져 버린 꿈이 아야야야야
Dream that has been crushed cruelly

뭔가 무너지고 떠났어
Something fell apart and left

눈물마저 다 메말랐어
Even the tears are all dried up

감투를 쓴자 무게를 느껴 you can do that
The one bearing important title, feel the weight of it.


Round 1: https://twitter.com/ShinsFriends/status/497474930569928705
= both lead to masita/mamacita

Round 2: https://twitter.com/ShinsFriends/status/498120406683746304
떡밥 – Servant’s cup (Servant’s cup -> (korean) 하인잔 -> flipped (because of the mirror hint he gave with the tweet) = 잔인하 (cruel))

Round 2: https://twitter.com/ShinsFriends/status/498554570037936128
떡밥 – 꿈이1떡밥 (Hint- dream)

Round 3: https://twitter.com/ShinsFriends/status/499454077424517122
떡밥 – 뭔가 무너지고 (Hint – something fall apart)

Round 3: https://twitter.com/ShinsFriends/status/501893403299172352
3라운드 떡밥 – 메말랐어 (Hint – dried up)

Round 4: https://twitter.com/ShinsFriends/status/502426248589500417
떡밥 – 김탄 차은상 최영도 유라헬 (Hint – Kim Tan, Cha EunSang, Choi Youngdo, Yoo Rachel)
= bearing important title line is similar to bearing crown’s weight line from the Heirs drama | transed by nksubs

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"It’s been 3 years since I last stood on stage with Teuk and 5 years with Kangin. The mood is completely different from before and I’m completely devoted for this album" —Kim Heechul


cr. miiiiina1015 (Eng)

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140828 SuperJunior Kangin at Mamacita press con

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heenim was like, i didnt sign up for this shit lol




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Eunhyuk: EXO is not a threat. We will walk each walk our own path. (Cr: 曺敏贞_LN)



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140827 Heechul at Kyunghee University

Credit: ELF依_传说中的YY   Via: HCTF

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Hey Mamacita
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